A Tetrao Orlandini for the best italian player in the 2010 VI NATIONS Championship

July 5, 2010

The president of the Italian Rugby Federation (F.I.R.), Mr Dondi, awards Alessandro Zanni as the best italian player of the 2010 VI NATIONS Championship. The prize was a Tetrao Orlandini provided by ENNEBI. The ceremony took place on 11 June 2010.

Fabrizio Orlandini’s view of Fondale

July 21, 2009

The collaboration with Fabrizio Orlandini, tuscan sculptor-goldsmith, developed in a reality operating at a national and international level, with a product geared towards the demanding client who desires the exclusiveness of an art object, a “one of a kind.” Only ten (10) pieces of this version of Fondale will be made and one of these already belongs to a U.S.A. Art collector.

Link to some biographyc notes and the link to Fabrizio Orlandini’s Official Web Site

Tribute to the Bersaglieri Italian army corps: presentation of the new Tetrao

May 27, 2009

An event you cannot miss is the presentation of the ENNEBI watch new Tetrao. This new version not only has been built as a homage to the Italian Bersaglieri, but its design also followed suggestions given by some of them. During this event, some anticipations on the book (still in preparation) that describes Bersaglieri’s history and deeds will be given.

This presentation will be held in Prato on June the 18th for the 173rd anniversary of the creation of the Bersaglieri Italian army corps (1836). Please, contact info@ennebiwatch.com for further information.


Download “Flick Flock“, one of the most famous hymn of the Bersaglieri. It is played by the II Battalion Bersaglieri “Governolo” (mp3 – 583 Kb).

Mille Miglia Storica

May 27, 2009

Luciano Nincheri (ENNEBI) followed up the historical race Mille Miglia Storica in the Tuscan stretch. He drove a  Ferrari California kindly lent by an ENNEBI customer.

Dario Cichello to the conquer of Europe with Decima Mas

April 26, 2009

Judges’ scorecards decided the victory of the boxer Dario Cichello against the french boxer Asham. The italian warrior is training hard for his dream to conquer the European title.  ENNEBI  is with him who received a Decima Mas watch and he is support by many fan.

Museum degli Arditi (Museum of the Bolds) – IX Reggimento Col Moschin

March 26, 2009

Now, it is possible to visit the Col Moschin Museum managed by the Corpo degli Arditi later turned into the  IX Reggimento Col Moschin. Among several finds and memories, also ENNEBI got a small place in the history of this glorious unit of the Italian Army special troops.

Dario’s dream fades away

December 4, 2008

The awaited boxing match for the European title in the category of Light HeavyWeight was held two days ago, 2nd December, in Pisa. The current European Champion, Antonio Brancalion, confirmed his supremacy on the challenger, the Italian boxer Dario Cichello.

In practice, Brancalion dominated almost all of the 12 rounds. In few occasions, the challenger from Pisa had the better of the champion, but in spite of all his efforts and contentiousness, Brancalion cagily avoided the fight and now he is still the European champion.

Here the pictures very soon!!!

Dario & Pisa: conquest of Europe

November 25, 2008

On the last 5th of November at the press room of the municipality of Pisa, the italian boxer Dario Cichello (30) from Pisa, current champion in the category of the Light HeavyWeight, announced his intention to challenge Antonio Brancaleon (32), the current European champion in the same category. The event will be held in Pisa on the next 2 December.

Among the other prizes, the winner will be awarded with a ENNEBI‘s X Mas watch having on the case-back an engraving dedicated to this event.


From Prato to Beijing: with Ennebi at the 2008 Olympic games 2008

September 1, 2008

The goal keeper of the water ball team Pro Recco and of the Italian National Team, Stefano Tempesti, born in 1979 in Prato, is the first professional sport man to choose the watch Fondale.

It is more than three years he wears this watch, in and out of the water, and Fondale has been reliable in any situation.


New luxury Ennebi Watch: Gigliato

July 12, 2008

This new watch made by ENNEBI in collaboration with italian handmade-jewel artisans is the first one of a 30-specimen lot. This series of watches is called “monete storiche” (“historical coins“) and a unique sets of 30 watches are going to produced, each of which will be dedicated to italian and foreign historical coins. These limited edition luxury watches are made with gold or platinun and they are furnished with precious stones as hour indicators. Furthermore, a silver or bronze version of Gigliato is available at lower costs and with no limits on production number.

The first specimen of Gigliato was presented and given as a gift to the new president of Confindustria, Emma Marcegaglia.


In Italy, it is possible to purchase both versions of Gigliato (as well as all the other Ennebi’s instruments) at two direct shops:

ARTE ORAFA of Mr Mauro Bandinelli and located in Strada in Chianti (Firenze)

TORRACCHI of Mr Marco Torracchi and located in Prato;