New luxury Ennebi Watch: Gigliato

This new watch made by ENNEBI in collaboration with italian handmade-jewel artisans is the first one of a 30-specimen lot. This series of watches is called “monete storiche” (“historical coins“) and a unique sets of 30 watches are going to produced, each of which will be dedicated to italian and foreign historical coins. These limited edition luxury watches are made with gold or platinun and they are furnished with precious stones as hour indicators. Furthermore, a silver or bronze version of Gigliato is available at lower costs and with no limits on production number.

The first specimen of Gigliato was presented and given as a gift to the new president of Confindustria, Emma Marcegaglia.


In Italy, it is possible to purchase both versions of Gigliato (as well as all the other Ennebi’s instruments) at two direct shops:

ARTE ORAFA of Mr Mauro Bandinelli and located in Strada in Chianti (Firenze)

TORRACCHI of Mr Marco Torracchi and located in Prato;

2 Responses to “New luxury Ennebi Watch: Gigliato”

  1. Jeff Ransdell Says:

    English translations in the “News From Ennebi” area are poorly done. This takes away from the professionalism of the company and debases the value of the watches. After all, who can trust the company to make a quality of the watch if they cannot even hire a competent translator? It reminds me of the silly assembly instructions that come with cheap products from China. I suppose this quaint approach to communication is fine if Ennebi chooses to remain a small regional firm, but really it’s a shame as the product should qualify for a wider audience.

    Then again, why do I bother to write….who’s going to translate this comment for you?? LOL.

  2. Jeff Ransdell Says:

    Oops…appears I too need a proof reader. The third sentence should read….”to make a quality watch”….., NOT …”to make a quality of the watch….”


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