Tribute to the Bersaglieri Italian army corps: presentation of the new Tetrao

An event you cannot miss is the presentation of the ENNEBI watch new Tetrao. This new version not only has been built as a homage to the Italian Bersaglieri, but its design also followed suggestions given by some of them. During this event, some anticipations on the book (still in preparation) that describes Bersaglieri’s history and deeds will be given.

This presentation will be held in Prato on June the 18th for the 173rd anniversary of the creation of the Bersaglieri Italian army corps (1836). Please, contact for further information.


Download “Flick Flock“, one of the most famous hymn of the Bersaglieri. It is played by the II Battalion Bersaglieri “Governolo” (mp3 – 583 Kb).

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