Fabrizio Orlandini’s view of Fondale

The collaboration with Fabrizio Orlandini, tuscan sculptor-goldsmith, developed in a reality operating at a national and international level, with a product geared towards the demanding client who desires the exclusiveness of an art object, a “one of a kind.” Only ten (10) pieces of this version of Fondale will be made and one of these already belongs to a U.S.A. Art collector.

Link to some biographyc notes and the link to Fabrizio Orlandini’s Official Web Site

3 Responses to “Fabrizio Orlandini’s view of Fondale”

  1. melac Says:

    fantastic job!…are these all sold out now?

  2. Gilbert Moody Says:


    I am a Military CJOA Team Leader in Afghanistan and have been made aware of you watches and am interested in macking a purchase.
    For now only a few watches to test, if suggesfull we may consider a purchase for the complete team.
    Please advise me, of pricing and availability, I have a Military vat duty free address APO.

    Gilbert Moody

  3. Tom Says:

    Can this watch be bought in the US?

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