Fabrizio Orlandini – Bio notes and link

Fabrizio Orlandini was born in 1953, near the Tuscan city of Lucca, Italy.

My primary interest has always been the study of matter and form“. “…my life will always be a continual search for stylistic perfection…“.

Orlandini remained fascinated by the idea of old verses new – tradition verses modern technology. This led him to Arezzo to obtain training in the tradition of ancient goldsmithing – which he eventually adopted to a modern reality and personal style.

For a brief period he taught at the Art Institute of Pietrasanta. There he entered in contact with the best artisan traditions in the marble workshops and bronze foundaries, gaining that vast technological expertise necessary for his activity. Orlandini opened his personal artistic career in 1975 with a ‘solo’ show at the “ Saletta d’Arte Spampanato” in Lucca. He has continued uninterruptedly and has participated in many shows, symposiums and international expositions including: Biennal City of La Spezia – Expo of Bari, Bologna, Padova – Art Fair Stockholm – International Art Competition N.Y.C. – Lineart Gent – Arco Madrid – Classic VI Kortrijk – St’Art Strasbourg – Den Haag Art Holland Aia – Dimension Italy 2000 Luxembourg – EuropArt Ginevra – Art Jonction Cannes – Kunstraj Amsterdam – A.C.A.F.Melbourne – Italian Sculture Award “Art Leader”Parigi – Contemporary Art Centre Olanda – S.I.A.C Strasbourg – Un Tocco di Vanità (A Touch of Vanity) Jewellery, Ferrara – Sensuality, Unoaerre Jewellery Las Vegas – Zen Collection Unoerre Milano – Hofstra University, New York – Abu Dhabi Sculptural Project – Sculpture Workshop, Washarts Center, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

His works can be found in numerous private and public collections in Italy and abroad. Orlandini’s artworks can be seen at the Community Seats of Lucca, Capannori, Carrara, Civitella Val di Chiana (AR), in the museum of Models and Molds of Pietrasanta, and in the Modern Art Collection at the Hofstra University Museum New York, Seton Hall University New Jersey.

I consider the greatest gift a man can have is the possibility to feel free to express his creativity“.



Fabrizio Orlandini – Official Web Site

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  1. Curren Watch Says:

    Amazing looking watch, I like the robust look and the simplicity of it!

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