Model 5218-MM

Hello to all watch lovers.

As most of our customers who love the world of big-size watches, we usually surf the web to visit and snoop around forums and web sites on this topic. Lately, many watch lovers have focused on specific topic, that is the origin and features of a watch that ENNEBI designed and started to sell on 2007: the model 5218-MM.

This watch was designed and built by request of an english collector. It has to be put on the diving gear and it should be read by divers (in particular by incursori) who are breathing pure oxygen. For the design and setting-up of this watch, ENNEBI‘s designer Alessandro Bettarini (ENNEBI) did not use as reference either watches currently on sale, or watches from the past, or any prototypes. 5218‘s remarkable sizes are determined exclusively by operational needs, as for all the watches of the same kind, and several new technical features were taken under consideration to design this watch.

Let’s consider the images at the bottom. 5218 is made of stainless steel AISI 316 and it has some peculiarities that make it unique with respect to other watches for divers. The lever located on the left side of the watch, that is near to the upper lug on the opposite side with respect to the charging crown (the lever can roll away into the watch), is used to block the bezel. When the lever is out (open), the bezel can rotate freely in both directions. The bezel can be dismounted without harm the water-tightness of the watch. It can be removed by using three pivot screws located on the case back of the watch.

The charging crown has 2 gaskets that assure the water-tightness of the watch up to a maximum pressure of 30 Mpa. A O-ring seal located on the recharging axis and an energized-fluoropolymer lip seal allow to recharge and to put in action the watch even during a deep immersion.

The dial is engraved by means of a mechanical pantograph and the incisions are filled with a luminescent paste.

The standard movement we use is the 6497 on which the watch identification number is engraved. On request, it is possible to use different movement provided by the customer or available on the market.

The watch identification and reference numbers are engraved in the caseback. On request, it is possible to have the watch with a transparent porthole as caseback.

The standard version of 5218 has micropeened finishings, but it is possible to have a PVD version. It has a leather strap with a stainless steel buckle with the identification number engraved on.

Model 5218-MM belongs to a limited serie of 99 pieces. They are finished and completely mounted when the customer confirms his order: this process takes a time ranging from 15 to 45 days according to the required customizations.

The watch is delivered inside a wooden case that can be used also as base for the desk. All the tools for the watch maintenance are provided as well as the operating and maintenance booklet, and a cd-rom containing the documents illustrating the history of the watch from the project to the setting-up.

The identification number and the name of the customer (or any sentence he wants) are engraved on a brassy tag.

3 Responses to “Model 5218-MM”

  1. Nikos Tserotas Says:

    Dear Sir,

    Is it possible for you to make a 5218-MM for me?

    Awaitin gyour answer asap.


  2. lawrence Says:

    Nice watches…I Would like to feature it on my website…

  3. BOBBY CHNG Says:

    Hi , I just bought the 5218-MM MATRICOLA Watch today in Florence. 5/89. Please let me know where I can order extra color straps. Thanks

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